How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll Tube?

You may think that toilet paper roll tubes have an identical length since they are standardized products. However, they have different sizes that change from one manufacturer to another. 

A toilet paper roll tube is about 900 inches long, with about 200 sheets, each measuring about 4.5 inches. Other rolls, such as kitchen towels and napkins, may have additional lengths.

The average length of a toilet sheet is about 4.5 inches (≅11 cm). Typically, each roll comes with about 200 sheets. As such, a toilet paper roll has an average length of 900 inches. This is almost equal to 75 feet, 23 meters, or 2,286cm. These figures may differ from one brand to another.

Roll of Toilet Paper Tube

What is the average length of a toilet paper roll?

When determining the average length of a toilet paper roll, remember that each roll is unique depending on its brand, ply, and style. Generally, cheaper toilet paper comes with a smaller ply and many sheets folded around the cardboard tube. Thus, since the average length of toilet paper differs, we will base our discussion on this assumption.

The average length of a toilet sheet is about 4.5 inches (≅11 cm). Typically, each roll comes with about 200 sheets. As such, a toilet paper roll has an average length of 900 inches. This is almost equal to 75 feet, 23 meters, or 2,286cm. These figures may differ from one brand to another.

When comparing this average length, it is approximately half the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Although this may seem impressive, it is essential to remember that this is an average length, and other toilet paper rolls can come with additional sheets, larger-sized sheets, or cardboard tubes.

Largest toilet paper roll ever made

Charmin produced the longest toilet paper roll ever made worldwide in 2011. This toilet paper roll had a height of about 2.97m (9 ft 8.9 in) and a diameter of 0.43m (17 inches). Charmin broke a record for the previous longest toilet paper roll, with a diameter of about 5 feet and 6.9 inches. Their roll contained about 1 million square feet of paper, equivalent to about 95,000 regular rolls.

This implies that if the average length of a typical toilet paper is 900 inches, then the largest world-manufactured roll would be about 85.5 million inches long. This length is about 2,171,700 meters, 7,125,000 feet, or 1,349 miles long. Amazingly, this length equals the distance between Heathrow Airport and Kyiv, Ukraine.

How wide is a toilet paper roll?

A toilet paper roll has a width of 4 cm (1.6 inches). You can easily measure this by placing a ruler across the middle of the tube from any end of the roll.

The toilet paper roll will be wider before cutting any roll. This measurement varies depending on the thickness and quality of the toilet paper.

Currently, you can identify single, dual, and triple-ply varieties in the market. The width of the toilet paper roll will depend on the ply variety you choose. More expensive alternatives generally have a larger width since they contain many layers and are designed from high-quality materials.

On the other hand, cheaper brands come in smaller widths since bathrooms require thinner tissues. When fully loaded, some toilet tissue rolls can acquire 5 inches in width.

Other forming elements determine the measurements of a toilet paper roll. They include:

  • The number of sheets in a roll
  • The diameter of the toilet paper tube
  • The rolls contained in a package
  • The pallet logistics and classes unit
  • The time taken to give tissue paper service

All these factors will determine the differences in the size of toilet paper rolls during manufacture. 

How long does a toilet roll last?

Various factors determine the duration one toilet paper roll will last.

Individual usage and number of users

Typically, each person uses a unique quantity of tissue paper when they visit the bathroom. Also, increasing the number of individuals using a toilet paper roll in your household will deplete the roll faster, no matter the type of toilet you have.

Single-ply toilet paper rolls have about 1000 pieces; two-ply varieties have 500 sheets; three-ply rolls have 350 pieces. Since businesses can put a plus or a minus, this number isn’t standard.

Every day, an individual uses about 8-20 sheets in the restroom, making them about 60 sheets daily due to three visits. Considering you are using a single-ply toilet roll with 1000 sheets, dividing the number of sheets by the daily usage (60 sheets), you get about 16 days (1000/60). 

This calculation assumes that all other factors, such as visiting the toilet thrice daily and using a similar number of sheets of single-ply toilet paper, are constant.

Gender and age of users

When determining how long a toilet paper roll will last, you should also consider other factors, such as the age and gender of the user. Some studies reveal that females use more sheets per visit compared to males. Females also use toilet paper for other activities, such as applying makeup.

Kids also visit the restroom more times and utilize more toilet paper sheets. Thus, this will shorten your household’s duration to finish a tissue paper roll. 

Other factors

Further, other variables in your household, such as coughs, colds, and allergies, can influence tissue consumption.

What is the weight of a toilet roll?

A tissue paper of 4.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width generally weighs about 227 grams. This weight may vary depending on the brand and labels. However, other properties of the toilet paper will influence the roll’s overall weight. 

Here are factors that will affect the weight of a toilet roll:

1. The type of ply bonding or procedure used

The layer used to join embossed materials produces different outcomes than embossing using a mechanical edge.

2. The manufacturing company

Each company manufactures a brand of tissue paper with unique properties. Brands created for home care are different from conventional toilet tissue paper. Thus, they may come longer, heavier, and thicker.

3. The number of plies in the roll

Toilet paper manufacturers produce rolls with two, three, four, or more plies. The greater the number of plies in a sheet, the thicker and heavier it is.

4. Brand

Various brands of tissue paper come from different grades and pulp. The pulp may include pure, mixed, and de-inked pulp. Similarly, other brands use a white texture and other textures to add weight to toilet paper rolls.

Factors to consider when buying a toilet roll

When buying tissue paper, you should consider its length alongside other factors, which include:

1. The material used

Most manufacturing firms use 100% pure pulp to produce sheets of tissue paper, compromising virgin wood and cotton pulp use. Such tissues are ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

Nonetheless, bamboo toilet paper has recently gained popularity due to its environmental friendliness and tree-free nature. They also degrade at a fast rate without jamming toilets.

2. Thickness or number of plies

Some manufacturing firms provide additional sheets. However, they come in a single lengthy layer which you may choose if you’re okay with, although most individuals prefer thicker sheets that don’t break easily.

Although some rolls are shorter, you will require fewer sheets from such rolls in a single use. Consequently, thicker rolls can last longer compared to longer and thinner rolls.

Thicker toilet paper, however, isn’t safe for septic systems as it causes clogs and doesn’t break down easily. If you encounter a clog, you can use a DIY toilet clog to unclog it.

3. Color or scent

Scented toilet papers are in high demand, especially among ladies willing to acquire a premium experience in a more pleasant restroom. However, alcohol-based fragrances can cause harm to individuals with sensitive skin.

When picking a roll of toilet paper, ensure you have enough space in the toilet to use it comfortably. Some rolls are too big to fit into conventional toilet paper holders. This also depends on the toilet placement in your bathroom.

How to take care of toilet paper

The toilet paper will not degrade with time like other products such as mayonnaise. However, if you store it recklessly, you can lower its longevity. 

You should place your toilet paper on a surface free from moisture for the best results. Water tends to accelerate the rate at which these toilet papers wear out. 

Bearing that in mind, it would be best to protect these toiletries since you’ll be saving the lives of trees.


The length of a toilet paper tube differs depending on the brand. A tissue paper roll tube has a length of approximately 3.7 inches, equal to 0.3 feet or 10 cm. On the other hand, the average length of a toilet paper roll is 900 inches.

Nonetheless, 3.7 inches is the standard size of most toilet paper but may differ depending on the type of paper used and the brand.

Choosing the right toilet paper roll size will determine your experience in the restroom. Thankfully, we’ve also discussed factors you should always consider when buying a toilet paper roll for an excellent experience.

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