Author name: Chris

Showergroom is a result of years of experience working with tools and bathroom fixtures of different types. As the name suggests, it’s a site focused on grooming the shower to the best standards possible. My journey started on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa. growing up on this farm as the eldest child, I was tasked with many roles, including being the family makeshift family plumber and mechanic. I learned a lot through first-hand experience working with the professional plumbers that came to tackle the problems beyond me. I would further hone my skills when I moved to Seattle, Washington for college. Although I studied finance, I kept my passion for DIY projects around the house alive through seminars, short courses and interactions with other enthusiasts. I have worked with many experts in different fields including DIYers, farmers, and many others. This website is a collection of the best guides I have worked on myself and others who share a similar passion.