Bath Mat for a Reglazed Tub: Usage & Features

Bathtub reglazing, commonly known as bathtub refinishing, may restore your old bathtub to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new tub. Still, you must be cautious about the mat you put in your tub after the procedure. This is because the refinisher uses acid to scratch the surface of your bathtub before applying a thin coating of porcelain.

The best bath mat for reglazed tubs ought to have the right size, material, color scheme, suction cup quality, drainage openings, price, and match with the type of tub reglazed. To use the mat, check for the reglazing warranty, wait for the reglazed tub to cure, and remove it after every bath.

Though this surface appears identical to the original, it is a very thin covering that must not be damaged. Use a soft, cushioned mat without suction cups on your reglazed tub. To avoid trapping water behind the mat, remove it after each usage. The finish will last longer if you treat the tub delicately with bath mats and other maintenance.

Bath Mat for Reglazed Tub

What is bathtub reglazing?

So you’ve got an old bathtub with a worn-out porcelain coating. Perhaps you dropped something and chipped it, or maybe it’s simply worn out from years of showers and suction cup bath mats. 

I don’t believe you need to replace the tub, especially if it’s an older cast iron tub that’s difficult to remove. Instead, reglazing it is a much better and cheaper option. While I made my own fiberglass tub, I still believe I will simply reglaze it when it turns pale.

Bathtub reglazing is resurfacing a tub’s surface with high-quality epoxy to give it a fresh, long-lasting look. You may use a range of materials and coatings, and the finish can last anywhere from a few years for a DIY kit to a decade or more for a professional job, depending on what you choose.

Reglazing is the best option if you have a costly cast iron tub. Replacement of fiberglass or plastic tubs may be the most cost-effective alternative. It also helps prevent rusting and other blemishes since even stainless steel can rust under certain conditions.

Bath mat for reglazed tub

Some considerations when choosing a bath mat for a reglazed tub include the following:

1. Size

Measure the floor of your tub, including the drain. You’ll need a large enough mat to cover most of the tub floor. Its edges may present tripping hazards if it’s too narrow. Unless the mat is constructed explicitly with a cutout for a shower stall with a central drain, a mat should never cover a drain.

2. Material 

Mats are often constructed from rubber (either natural or synthetic) or memory foam. For a “greener” bathroom, look for mats devoid of latex, BPA, PVC, and phthalates. If you buy a machine-washable mat, don’t put it in the dryer since it will ruin it.

3. Tub type

The tub surface you have significantly influences the mat you choose. Avoid non-slip bath mats with suction cups for textured tubs and reglazed tubs. Suction cups can rip the glaze from the tub.

They also don’t perform well on rough surfaces. Suction cup mats work best in tubs that are perfectly smooth and clean on the bottom.

4. Color schemes

Mats with contrasting or darker hues might be beneficial for senior bathers who want to know where the bath mat edges are. In addition, parents who wish to make bath time entertaining for their children may find that bright colors are a blessing.

5. Suction cup quantity

When it comes to suction cups, the more, the better. However, unsticking all suction cups to dry after a bath may need considerable power. A high-end mat with 200 to 300 suction cups is good enough. 

6. Drainage openings

Drainage holes keep water from accumulating beneath the mat’s surface, reducing mold and mildew growth. Mold can even grow on concrete thus the need to always keep the bathroom dry.

7. Price

Fortunately, non-slip bath mats for the tub are reasonably priced. You may be able to try a couple. Basic non-slip bath mats with a limited number of suction cups are available for less than $10. 

On heavier, thicker mats, you’ll find additional suction cups between $10 and $20. Mats that cost as little as $30 have the most suction cups or are suction cup-free, cushioned, and machine-washable.

How to use a mat for a reglazed tub

Mats for reglazed tubs are used as follows:

1. Check for reglazing warranty requirements

Check with the reglazing company before purchasing a bath mat for your reglazed tub. Using certain types of bath mats may void your work warranty. 

The firm will not replace the mat if it causes damage. However, your reglazing provider may recommend safe mats that will not breach your warranty.

2. Wait for the reglazed tub to cure

Before you touch or use a freshly reglazed tub, it must cure for a certain time. So, use a bath mat in the tub only after the healing period has passed.

To find out when it’s okay to put a bath mat in your tub, check with the person who did the service or the instructions you got.

3. Remove the bath mat after every use

When you’ve found a safe bath mat for your reglazed tub, make it a practice to remove it as soon as you’re through showering or bathing. Water is trapped against the reglazed surface if the mat is left in the tub all the time. 

Excess moisture may wreak havoc on the finish, making it less consistent or causing it to bubble. Besides that, leaving the mat on the tub leads to moisture saturation which, in effect, leads to damage.

Dry the mat outdoors and not on the bathroom tiles since it may damage the tiles. Installing bathroom tiles is quite costly and time-consuming.

Other non-slip solutions for a reglazed tub

Besides mats, there are other viable non-slip solutions for a reglazed tub as follows:

1. Fiber bath mat

Laying down a fiber bath mat before filling the tub is a pretty simple thing to accomplish. A bath mat is placed on the bathroom floor outside the tub or shower and onto which you walk after bathing. Before placing youngsters or dogs in the tub, make sure it’s resting flat and secure on the bottom.

2. Bath towel

Alternatively, throw a bath towel on the surface to prevent children and dogs from slipping. Because my kids were not active in the tub, we could use a towel, but not all children would sit calmly when bathing.

You may find yourself with a bunched-up damp bath towel and little protection against slipping. This is my least preferred option, but it’s better than nothing until you can locate or buy something better. Back then, it worked for me, but I’ve learned a lot about house safety since then, and I wouldn’t use it anymore.

How to clean a reglazed tub

Clean a reglazed tub as follows:

Step 1: Rinse the tub

To eliminate hair and soap residue, rinse the tub with warm water.

Step 2: Apply a Cleaner

Apply the cleaner of your choice liberally on all tub surfaces. For the cleaner to work on all tub areas, spread or spray it all over the tub. Pour some dish soap onto the surface and spread it around with a sponge.

Step 3: Let it sit

Allow 5 minutes for the cleaning to work. This aids in the removal of any leftover soap residue or oils. It also provides time for a disinfectant cleaner to disinfect. Wiping it off too soon prevents the cleaner from thoroughly disinfecting.

Step 4: Rinse it off

Scrub the whole tub surface using a microfiber cloth or a standard cellulose sponge without any scouring agent on either side of the sponge. Scrub this region with a soft, nylon-bristle brush if the tub has a non-slip surface.

Step 5: Rinse again

Rinse the tub well to remove any cleaning residue. This is especially crucial when using dish soap since it may be quite slippery if left on a tub surface. Also, allowing any cleaning to dry on the tub’s surface might harm the finish.

Step 6: Dry the tub

To eliminate water droplets, wipe the tub dry with a soft towel or cloth. Then polish the finish until it shines like new. Although buffing the surface after each washing isn’t necessary, it is a simple technique to restore the gloss.

Care and maintenance for a reglazed tub

For the best experience with your reglazed tub, follow these tips:

  • Before using your tub or sink, make sure it has had enough time to dry.
  • Bottles, towels, and soap, for example, should not be stored directly on the finish.
  • Bath mats with suction cups below should not be used. When removed, they might pull at the finish and harm it. In addition, under the cups, moisture might potentially be trapped.
  • Keep sharp items and strong chemicals away from the reglazed surface. Allow no one to stand in your tub wearing shoes.
  • Keep the tub’s caulking in good shape. Failure to do so may result in wall water damage and subsequent pricey repairs.
  • Do not use your finger to remove surface dust. With regular cleaning and use, any surface dust should disperse in three to four weeks.
  • Do not apply tape to the reglazed surface.

Do the above to get the most out of your tub.


Bathtub mats provide a more stable footing in the tub or shower. If your tub has been reglazed, avoid using suction-cupped plastic or vinyl mats. The suction cups may harm the tub’s finish or even remove portions of it.

All preferable options are a mat with no suction cups, a cushioned vinyl mat, a cork mat, or even a fabric mat or towel that can be hung to dry after each usage. In addition, you want something soft enough not to scratch the tub but not too weak that it sticks to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a bath mat on a Reglazed tub?

While you can use a bath mat on a reglazed tub, avoid bath mats with suction cups as they can damage the reglazed surface, especially if not removed carefully.

How do I protect my Reglazed tub?

Apply liquid wax on the reglazed tub to protect it and make it easy to clean. Apply the wax on the surface of the tub in thin layers then carefully wipe off any excess.

What is the best type of bathtub mat?

The best bathtub mat is a non-slip microfiber or rubberized mat for use inside the tub. Use bathtub mats with a non-slip backing on the outside of the tub. The mat should also have drainage holes to remove excess water and prevent mold growth.

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